East Asia (precisely Northeastern Asia) is a region having broad area in Asia continent sharing similar type of floras and faunas as well as cultural, historical background. East Asia is mainly covered with temperate forest, boreal forest and grassland.

East Asia region can be divided into 6 sub-regions from the North to the South; Eastern Siberia & Russian Far East, Mongolia, Mainland China, Korean Peninsula, Japan Archipelago, Taiwan Island. Based on these sub-regions, membership is given to organizations which are related to programs to conserve and to study biodiversity in these regions. Mainly, private or governmental research institutions and universities can be members of our network.

At present, 8 institution members in 6 regions are joining our network. For more membership information, please contact a temporary secretary at or on +82-31-540-1074.

Figure 1. Six sub-regions of East Asia; Eastern Siberia & Russian Far East (1), Mongolia (2), Mainland China (3),
Korean Peninsula(4), Japan Archipelago(5) See more details.