Subject The 2015 EABCN Workshop on
Name admin 2016.03.28

The 2015 EABCN Workshop on "Climate Change Impact Monitoring" - FIELD TRIP

3 June (Wednesday) Venue : Mt. Tsukuba Excursion on the monitoring plots on Mt. Tsukuba Observe evergreen broad-leaved trees (Castanopsis cuspidate) and Tsukuba-san Shrine.

Training of vegetation plot survey. The climate change monitoring research methods in Tsukuba mountain Cryptomeria japonica plantations : After installing a 10m radius circular plots of vegetation survey conducted by Braun-Blanquet method divided into 8-defense. Observe natural forests (deciduous forests dominated by Fagus crenata mixed withd evergreen trees such as Quercus acuta) as well as old plantations(Cryptomeria japonica).