Subject 2016 EAFES_EABCN Session Program
Name admin 2016.04.26

- Title of Symposium proposal

Climate change adaptation and plant conservation through vegetation shift monitoring


- Principal Organizer

Ho Sang Kang

- Title

Research Associate Professor / Executive Secretary


- Co-Organizer(s)

Tanaka Nobuyuki

- Title



- List of Speakers

1. Dr. Ho Sang Kang

Presentation Title : Introduction to the East Asia Biodiversity Conservation Network

2. Dr. Nobuyuki Tanaka

Presentation Title : Initiative on establishing vegetation monitoring in response to climate change in East Asia

3. Dr. Yong Chan Cho

Presentation Title : Separating and combining the effects of changes of land use and climate in vegetation of South Korea as a rapidly emerged forest landscape

4. Dr. Nyam-Osor Batkhuu

Presentation Title : Climate change and forest vegetation monitoring in Mongolia

5. Dr. Pavel Krestov

Presentation Title : Shifting vegetation zones in Northern Asia under the climate change:biodiversity loss or enrichment

6. Dr. Zhanqing Hao

Presentation Title : Dynamics of temperate mixed forests in Changbai Mountain

7. Dr. Hai Ren

Presentation Title : The vegetation monitoring in response to climate change in China

8. Dr. Jingping Liao

Presentation Title : Plant phenological monitoring in China





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