EABCN is a regional level network for responding issues related to the biodiversity in East Asia. Recently, the necessity of regional cooperation has been more emphasized to deal with decreasing biodiversity caused by various reasons such as climate change, anthropogenic or natural disturbances.

Therefore, we began to discuss a network in order to achieve common goals among research institutions in East Asia. At Shenyang in China, 2011, we started a discussion on collaborative work for biodiversity conservation. In the following year, it has been proposed to build a network at Vladivostok, Russia. Then eight research institutions had signed in letter of Intent for the network building on October of 2013 in Korea.

The purpose of this network is to foster good relations for scientific cooperation among the members. We pursue research cooperation for joint conservation effort of biodiversity through project-based researches in this network. We also aim to (1) collect data and carry out taxonomic study on biodiversity in East Asia, (2) monitor biological changes of species in response to climate change, and (3) control non-native invasive species by partnerships for invasive species management, (4) exchange of staff members for research and training.