◦ The climate change of East Asia is much more serious than the average earth climate change, that the average temperature rose 3.5℃, and it is estimated that the amount of rainfalls increase to 4.5%, so it is seriously needed to cooperate within countries.

◦ The Northeast Asia is the area of same flora and where many plant species of common geographical are distributed, and many rare and endemic plants of each countries are related.

◦ It is needed to build the East Asia forest biodiversity conservation network based on Northeast Asia to provide conservation and the sustainable use basis of forest plant resources.

◦ Also IUCN WCC was promoted to achieve CBD GSPC 2020, and it is needed to cooperate in regional level to perform the agenda proposed in Jeju.

Progress course

◦ Agenda proposed in the 5th IUCN World Conservation Congress (WCC) in September 2012 (Jeju)

◦ Designate the Working Group and specify Regional Contact Point of each country in September 2012 (Vladivostok Botanic Gardens)

◦ East Asia biodiversity conservation network LOI agreement in November 2013 (Korea National Arboretum)

◦ Open the working-level committee for multilateral MOU promotion and joint assignment excavation in March 2014 (Seoul)

◦ Expected to publish East Asia common species guide book and agreement on multilateral MOU in October 2014 (Pyeongchang)